With the advent of new types of technology infrastructure, SaaS, Cloud Computing, BigData, Payments by mobile phone and others, the uncertainty for these new technologies, has been growing, and attacks on infrastructure and systems have increased, thus promoting the incentive for opportunities attacks ( phishing, spam, id theft , etc) .


This way the ShadowSEC believe it is extremely i mportant  to invest in technology through the exchange of knowledge , in order to understand the course of these threats and define the best ways to  wor k for the  defe ns e  of corporate environments.


Aiming to raise awareness among participants and pre serving the value that hold the information for each individual or their organization, brings ShadowSEC for the second time to Angola "Conferência Nacional  de Seg uranç a Informática" ( CNSI ).


The CNSI is an event want to highlight the main discussions of global technological developments as a way of bringing together leading entrepreneurs, technologists, ICT Managers, Managers IP Services, System Administrators and Reserchers.


In this regard the Conference award your audience with solemn speakers who will address the most debated and controversial issues of the day through interventions, case studies and           w orkshops       .    


Key Topics

  • Cloud Computing;

  • BYOD (Bring Your OWN Device);

  • BYOC (Bring Your OWN Cloud);

  • BYOA (Bring Your OWN Apps);

  • Information Security

  • Computer Security;

  • Mobile Security;

  • Fighting threat in real time;

  • BigData;

  • Encryption;

  • Secure Software Development;

  • Computing Legislation; 

  • Computer Security Network ;

  • Risk Management; Business Continuity Management;

  • Training and Certification;

  • ICT Strategy;

  • ICT Governance;

  • Regulation and Compliance;

  • Internet of Things

  • Malware analysis

  • Reverse Engineer

  • IT Data Disposal









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